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Reciprocity in a Digital Age

That big long word, Reciprocity, has been linked with business marketing since Cialdini published his Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion in 1984. It roughly explains the principle of how people feel the need to give something back after receiving.

This, based on a marketing level, is why you get free pens through the post and free sweets at an exhibition. Hopefully you'll give me a contract worth, say £10,000.00 if I let you have a Werthers Original. Well maybe not quite so simplified, but that's the general idea.

So, how do you do this on a digital platform? Tricky, receiving a picture of a new pen with your company name on it in bright blue just doesn't really cut it, does it? No.

OK, well there are several ideas out there: bonus points, special discounts, blah blah, but really, things have moved on a little. The one thing we all seem to want now is data, Facebooks gone crazy for it. Getting your data is super top priority for everyone now and it's not for stopping right now.

Don't worry though, that smart cookie Cialdini didn't write a book about just one thing, there's six of them in total for us to play with, each filled with the amazing possibilities of how we can use psychology to help influence the audience of our marketing exploits. We can help develop all six of these approaches in a much more meaningful and progressive way to aid your marketing output here at IDILIK.

More adventures to follow and, if you'd really like to have a Werthers, just send a stamped addressed envelope to us and we'll happilly reciprocate one back at ya.

#reciprocityinbusiness #werthersforfree

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