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Why do we call it your team? The reason for this is clear in our mind, we work as a partnership with our clients and believe that it's the best way for a creative process to unravel. Us and them doesn't work well, the barriers in this process cause untold issues that get in the way of our abilities to create. When we work as a joint team to achieve a final goal


There is a small part of David that isn't engrossed in everything design, but it is such an insignificant part that it's hardly worth noting here. Especially as this site is about the business, creativity and all things design. He spends most days working out the complexities of colour, structure and strategy on any number of projects and also funniest ways to talk to people. Ahh, well, there we go, we mentioned the other bit.


Clients value Jane's ability to communicate complex and meaningful messages in a warm and engaging way. She has a talent for getting buy-in from others, winning over cynics, and encouraging people to face tough challenges. She often turns conventional design on its head in order to really view challenges from the client's point of view. She is very incisive, and adept at honing in on the salient points of an issue using accessible, jargon-free language.


Mark oversees the strategic direction and leads on major client engagements. He has over 20 years’ experience in events, marketing and communications from running his own agency, client side at VW and working for global full service agencies. An eternal optimist, MAMIL, average cricketer and father of four (children). 


Carpe diem - but anything not 9-5, just as well I’m in production!


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